Attention Home Care Agency Owners, Directors, and marketers:

Local businesses used to be able to stand out from the crowd with TV and Yellow Pages ads. Those days are gone. Today, savvy marketers leverage the power of the Internet to make the case that they are the best choice among a throng of competitors. Many home care agencies, however, have not yet learned this lesson. They either ignore this critical tool because they do not understand it, or mistakenly assume that their mostly older clients are not attuned to using the Internet.   

Home Care is not like the medical supply distributor that needs the global audience Google offers. Nor does it benefit from attracting “near me” users like a restaurant or carwash does. A home care agency needs to play to a local market, but also win over the senior’s adult child in another state. Thus, as an in-between type of business, home care operators need to deploy online marketing but must follow different rules to benefit from it. The good news: Most of your competitors have not figured this out. More good news: Using the 21 tips you will learn in this webinar, you will gain an (ethical) unfair advantage over them. 

Who should attend this webinar?

Home care agency owners, directors, and marketers who want to remain relevant in their market and prepare for anticipated growth as we come out of a crisis. 

You will walk away armed with knowledge about:

  • The Importance of nurturing your online reputation and the dangers of ignoring it. 
  • How the internet provides you with a free voice, and why too many home care agencies waste it. 
  • How to use tools that make it easier to get the attention of people searching for your home care services.

About the Speaker:

Tim Rowan, Editor, Home Care Tech Report; Co-founder, Rowan Reputation Resources

Roger McMannus, MBA, Co-founder, Rowan Reputation Resources

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Wednesday, June 24th, 2020
2:00 PM Eastern and 11:00 AM Pacific

Webinar To Zoom

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