Attention Home Care Agency Owners, HR, OPERATIONS, NURSING AND MARKETERS:

COVID-19’s impact has prompted the question, “What is home care going to look like after this is over?” And what does “over” mean? One thing we know – the before and after isn’t a clear line in the sand and changes will continue as time goes on. Things will be different, but that doesn’t mean they will be bad. Opportunity abounds in the near future for home care and now is the time to prepare.
Agency leaders will need new rigor to protect staff and clients alike. Emergency plans for things like natural disasters exist; how are they being leveraged to create plans for potentially recurring infectious disasters? It’ll be more important to instill confidence to the market. Those that do will see census growth because the opportunities will be ripe as home care gains more visibility across the healthcare continuum. All these items weave into a post—pandemic strategic roadmap for home care.

 Who should attend this webinar?

Home care agency owners, HR, Operations, Nursing, and Marketers looking to prepare how to run their organization for infection control  

You will walk away armed with knowledge about:

  • How infection control will change home care
  • What we learned from COVID-19
  • How to increase your census 

About the Speaker:

James Cohen, CEO, Nevvon: Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, James has experienced the spirit of entrepreneurship and incorporated it throughout his adult and professional life. His formal education and thirst for continuing education, combined with his experience as an entrepreneur have helped his develop key skills. James educational background is in finance and healthcare, while his business experience has been in the delivery of healthcare. James founded and exited a technology enabled home care provider which serviced 2 countries and 3 States, he is now the CEO of a compliance training platform.

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Tuesday, October 20th, 2020
1:00 PM Eastern and 10:00 AM Pacific

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